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    ok most ppl always ingame say this in megaphone or talking to ppl(anyone help me enter F7~ or how to do F7 quest) well let me tell u new players stop asking players for help and READ this guide =P(first time making a guide give face hahahaha xD)

    1st: once u reach LV 37 u will get missing merchants quest thats the quest thats gonna give u F7 quest but i suggest u nt doing it first so be patience my friend so keep on lvling =D.

    2nd:NOW u lvled up and reach lv 43 yay~ WHY yay~? because its from then on u going to be start doing the F7 quest

    3rd:REMEMBER TO FINISH GRAVEYARD QUEST REACHING THE QUEST THAT U NID TO GET "SEAL FLAME DOOR KEY" it's and misc for the quest.ok after reaching lv 43 start doing missing merchants(1) BUT b4 dat start doing "INVADED(1)" theres onli 3 part so dnt BE lazy hahaha u wont need to go anywhere far cause all the things r in libra.

    4th:after reaching missing merchant(2) get the quest getting "SEAL FLAME DOOR KEY" todo the quest together y u ask? its simple it's to avoid doing so much work because u can do 2 quest at once.

    5th and lastly:after u complete both quest u will have the first quest for F7 or also known as tactic mode u can c how many quest it has in the journal.

    if u have any problem wif the guide or im missing some things plz do so to say
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    I thought its lv42? for entering F7

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    yes lv 42 u may enter F7 but thats onli if ppl bring u in now thats a whole diff story than the 1 im saying =)

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    You don't have to do Missing Merchant quest... Just waste your time doing it...


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